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  • Artist: BTS
  • Runtime: 1 hour, 28 minutes, 19 Songs
  • Genre: Hip hop

The South Korean group BTS released their brand new Album titled "Proof" The album, released to mark their 9th anniversary, is meant to be a celebratory retrospective of their career, evidence of an indelible legacy.

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Thando  (Jul 22, 2023) 
Every time I try to download the album it takes me to this link where I'm forced to download this app cleaner. I've trying to to download the album for the past hour.?
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Tae BTS ??  (May 22, 2023) 
Love thou album it's lit love bts very much ? ?? love you all lots will be Army till my last breath?
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jeangray  (May 18, 2023) 
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Bts army  (Mar 21, 2023) 
Lub u bts and army ...
It's a big masterpiece. Their voices it makes my day an beautiful day ....
I purple u army ?????
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muskan  (Mar 15, 2023) 
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Yuni  (Mar 08, 2023) 
Love love love
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Meenal  (Jan 22, 2023) 
Lots of love from me and my friends to BTS. lots of love from India.
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BTS  (Jan 04, 2023) 
We purple u ARMY ?
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Anonymous  (Jan 04, 2023) 
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Muskaan Bhatia  (Jan 03, 2023) 
Saranghaeyo oppa ???♾️??♾️????????♾️????♾️????
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Anonymous  (Dec 03, 2022) 
Woooh lv u. BTS?????
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Natasha Brown  (Oct 21, 2022) 
Lobe you BTS??❤❤????????
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the kid dildoe  (Oct 21, 2022) 
fuck u bts
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Natasha Brown  (Oct 21, 2022) 
Of you dislike them then keep it to yourself don't even post it to insulte them
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Anonymous  (Oct 27, 2022) 
@Natasha Brown, leave it, dogs are born to bark , there bark can't stop a helicopter
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BTS___ARMY___BOY  (Nov 08, 2022) 
You don't over smart ok
U don't use bad words to BTS then I f**k u hater
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Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2022) 
Omg you can't see success why because you can't achieve your goals but why hating bts they achieved it they didn't hate on anyone that's the reason you are not successful in your life because you are just jealous of everyone and can't focus on utself
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Anonymous  (Nov 18, 2022) 
@Anonymous, well at least they have achieved more than you can ever
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Anonymous  (Nov 23, 2022) 
Bkcd ???????
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Bts lover  (Dec 10, 2022) 
Fuck you man you know who Is bts ???
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Fvck yvu  (Dec 31, 2022) 
@Anonymous, atleast we have done a job of being loyal, unlike you who doesn't even care about their family, U FUCKED UP PIECE SHIT .
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Bts army  (Mar 21, 2023) 
How dare u talk like this ???????
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Vampire_Blood  (May 03, 2023) 
Same to you bro
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Bad for bad good for good  (May 11, 2023) 
Shut up bitch if you don't like then what are you doing here just go to hell jealous people .when people like you can't do anything for themselves then they bark on successful people....................................and last same to you f*** U .
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Bad for bad good for good  (May 11, 2023) 
Keep your mouth close
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Bad for bad good for good  (May 11, 2023) 
We love our BTS ... We don't care bout people like you............................................ just bark like DOGS.....???????????
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dark looney  (Oct 08, 2022) 
mad songs love you bts
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