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Proof Album
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South Korean singer, BTS comes through with his highly anticipated project called "Proof" Album. A lot can happen in a decade. When BTS debuted under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013, there was no telling that the K-pop septet would become the biggest boy band on the planet, demolishing chart records and any insecurity that the world wouldn’t accept a group that didn’t perform in English. In those early days, the Bangtan Boys made self-empowered trap-pop, using their debut single album [i]2 COOL 4 SKOOL[/i] as an opportunity to articulate youthful injustices and societal pressures.

Then came 2014’s [i]DARK&WILD[/i], their debut LP, a softer approach to their hard-hitting hip-hop; 2016’s [i]Wings[/i], which was inspired by the 1919 Jungian novel [i]Demian[/i] by Hermann Hesse (seriously); and the [i]Love Yourself[/i] series, birthing the global smash “MIC Drop.” They never slowed down. They toured the world. They challenged the confines of genre. They released their [i]MAP OF THE SOUL[/i] series. They held off releasing an English-language song until seven years into their career, when they were already on top, redefining the way the world views crossover artists. They never lost sight of their fans, called ARMY, or their message: that they wanted to be a respite for the world-weary, that they wanted their listeners to love themselves. They became undeniable.

Now, in 2022, there’s [i]Proof[/i]—BTS’s first anthology album, an eclectic collection of the world’s biggest band’s greatest hits, released while they’re still on top of the industry. It’s an anthology of the group’s most impressive work, sorted both chronologically and according to each member’s personal favorites—the most immediate way to travel through their evolution and take stock of their impact.

And there are three new songs: the optimistic “Yet to Come”; a continuation of “Epilogue: Young Forever,” called “For Youth”; and “Run BTS,” a reference to their variety show and a deep celebration of their dedicated ARMY. Below, each member of BTS breaks down the tracks they personally selected as favorites for the collection, exclusively to Apple Music.

“Intro : Persona”
RM: “‘Intro : Persona’ is based on the question ‘Who am I?’ It is one of the questions that I often ask myself, in an effort to figure out which one is closest to the true self. Whether as RM of BTS, as a friend or a family member, or simply as Kim Namjoon, it’s not just one but all the personas define who I truly am. That’s why I chose the song for the album.”

Jin: “‘Moon’ has a special place in my heart because the song speaks for our relationship with our ARMY. The song likens ARMY to the sight of the Earth as seen from the perspective of the moon. ARMY is inseparable from BTS as they were there for us every moment. ARMY, love you to the moon and back!”

“No More Dream”
SUGA: “‘No More Dream’ is a meaningful song to BTS because it’s the debut track. It represents the essence of BTS from the beginning. Also, the lyrics sing the message that only those at that age can speak about, so it makes me reminisce about the time and reflect on how much we’ve grown as artists and as a team.”

j-hope: “‘ON’ really shows the pinnacle of BTS’s growth as artists. The lyrics talk about growing pains, getting through turbulent times, and finally finding a balance. The song motivates me to push myself forward for another dream or bigger challenge.”

Jimin: “‘Friends’ is about friendship with those who always stand by my side and keep me in balance. Without our BTS members, ‘Jimin’ wouldn’t have existed. Without ARMY, BTS wouldn’t have been the same as who we are now. It is a gratitude to our friends who made everything possible.”

V: “‘Singularity’ sings about the agony of choosing between two personas as artist V and human being Kim Taehyung. Going through it was hard, but overcoming the confusing times and finally accepting both sides of myself really built who I am today.”

Jung Kook: “‘Dynamite’ was like a present to us when we were going through difficult times emotionally and physically after the pandemic started. It gave us another beginning and opportunity to jump higher after a short step back.”

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