5 fashion tips for Gen Z to slay with comfort
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The way you dress is an expression of your personality.

Since every company is focusing on millennials, Generation Z is changing the fashion industry, and they are changing it fast.
From what we have seen, today’s teens value comfort and function. They firmly believe that everyone should have the freedom to wear comfortable yet aesthetic outfits that make them feel light all day.
Gone are the days when sky-high heels and tight bodycon dresses were the only options.
It’s 2022 and all we should care about is our ease. Here are a few tips to get your fashion game on point.
1. Athleisure is top priority
When we talk about athleisure, we’re not talking about your high school clothes or oversized t-shirts. Think different outfits-track pants with duster coats, and high-end sneakers paired with wide-leg trousers. For an outfit to be considered as a part of the athleisure trend, they should be good enough for both the office and the gym.
2. Less is more
A lot of times less is more when it comes to fashion. Minimalism is the ticket to pull off a look. Make the minimalism look international rather than accidental. It is very hard to balance your overall look especially bold ones. Therefore, it is best to keep it simple yet sassy at the same time.
3. Break barriers with gender neutral outfits
Not only gender-neutral clothing is “trendy”, but it is also the need of the hour. It is also a move towards the larger ideology that fashion is genderless. Try for a mix of feminine florals in oversized bomber jackets, shirts, and unisex garments. The secret is to mix masculine and feminine fashion in such a way that you make it worth their while.
4. Find your personal style
Developing a signature style is not a piece of cake. Remember that personal style is an experiment, you never know what amazing looks await you. Take it easy, play with colors and shapes to know what looks great on you.
5. Be a strategic shopper
Pick some comfy yet trendy clothes that can keep you going. They should be suitable for your all day errands, that’s the trick. Figure out what all garments can be paired with a variety of clothes. Always keep your fit classic yet chic.
As it is often said that there is no point in looking good if you don’t feel good. Here are a few suggestions you can start with to get there. Afterall, athleisure has got your back always.

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