Charmy Turns Over A New Leaf
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Los Angeles-based singer Charmy Kurz has turned over a new leaf but her followers are disagreeing with her. When she completely wiped her IG clean and started posting content of her at Church, she showed that she is a new person. While her faith increased, the number of followers decreased but she is not backing down.The Namibian-born singer made headlines when it was announced that she is leaving RTE Records and is going independent.

What stands out for people is that she is no longer that Instagram baddie, as they call themselves, and is now a church girl.
She penned a short note, revealing all the good things God has done for her encouraging others to change their ways as well, "God, thank you for reminding me who I am. You took me away from all this for awhile and showed me the truth. Thank you for bringing me out from the Darkness. Thank you for forgiving me for what I was and for what I did. Thank you for helping me to forgive myself and others. Thank you for healing me from my unrighteousness. Your light will shine through me and my voice forever, in Jesus Name. To any young girl or grown woman seeing this, you can be renewed."

This new path she has taken rubs her followers the wrong way with some saying she is doing too much and should tone it down.
@kanaafa:  "I guarantee you that before 10 years pass you will cringe at this phase. You’re in it; you own it, but you will come out wondering what the hell that was - been there; done that."
@chiefsalot: "This starting to be a lil too much… & I’m a GOD WARRIOR. Not every single pic needs to be in church lol we got the point wit the Last post when you sang Amazing grace. You act like you was on here Bussin it open in a thong & wet tshirt….. I like the message but have regular posts too. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way."
@sharon: "We know you're all born again and what not but it's getting a bit too much, we love you but please keep it lowkey at least."
@realjackworld: "You making me change too, I think you are on the right path sis. You may lose followers but not your life at least you doing it for God."
@ruler3: "Reading these comments is miserable and disappointing af. People commit suicide and hurt themselves all the time because they go through battles within their own mind that, in many cases, other people around them have no clue about! This woman has admitted where she was wrong, is being very transparent with it, and making a conscious effort to make some changes in her life, and all most of you can do is criticize, judge, and insult her.
The follower continued by adding, "Yet you same people are the first to cry and act a fool when it's done to you smh. But that's ok, you reap exactly what you sow. Kurzca please know that you do have many of us still supporting and praying for you. We love you and I'm proud of you for showing so much transparency as you're making some changes in your life! God bless."
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