Moneo advises fans , ask them to avoid abusive relationships
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The actress who is known to handle her privacy with much sacredness unclad her life to the public and people responded with an impressive amount of support.
Taking to Twitter, she appreciated the intense love and support.
“I’m really overwhelmed by the immense support I’ve received today. I was dreading this, I expected the worst but my heart is so comforted. I don’t feel like I deserve this and I wish I could repay you all in some way. I’m so grateful. NDIYABULELA KAKHULU,” she wrote.
Moneo further revealed that her saving grace is that she kept evidence, hence she’s hopeful in court.
“My only saving grace in a court of law today is that I have 5 years worth of consented recorded conversations, message screengrabs, videos and pictures. It’s probably the only smart thing I did during that relationship.”
In conclusion, the star penned a short note to people who are still suffering abuse in their relationships.
“..,And for those of you still stuck in abusive and conceited relationships, I pray you find some comfort in my story and the many stories of people who’ve been through what you’re going through and that you garner yourselves the strength to LEAVE.”