Rapper, Takeoff Shot Dead in Texas, Migos 'Takeoff' Killed In Shooting
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Take Off Obituary, Death – Often a fan favorite in terms of lyricism, Takeoff of Grammy-nominated and multiplatinum-selling group Migos exhibit the confidence and vision of a superstar along with the perfect quiet storm of humility. Coming off the heels of the massively successful Culture II album released earlier this year in January, Takeoff is stepping out on his own for his first full-length solo effort. On Oct. 23, industry tastemakers and media came together to hear a taste of the culmination of the highly anticipated album from the youngest member.

“A Takeoff is a man of small words, he usually lets the music speak for itself,” Pierre “P” Thomas, co-founder of Quality Control, mentioned to the intimate audience of about 15 people at the top of the hour around 7 pm at Record Plant in Los Angeles, CA. Also in attendance was his counterpart and co-founder Kevin “Coach K” Lee who stood by in support. Though not many details were given in terms of features and full production credits just yet, here are 6 things we learned from the upcoming project:

1. The album is called The Last Rocket
The title of the album was announced at the event with no other information. However, themes of success and development run rampant through the project and rocket might be alluding to the trajectory of Takeoff’s growth. Only time will tell.

2. The album is being released on Nov. 2
Fans who have been waiting to hear solo material from the rapper won’t have to wait too much longer as Takeoff’s album will come out on Nov. 2, only a little over a week away. Expect more promotion and visibility as time grows closer to next week and be on the lookout.

3. There are at least 10 tracks on the album
Although no final count of tracks was given, at least different records played with a bevy of smoothly integrated features and flawless trap production along with some experimentation in other sounds to highlight the versatility and agility of the rapper.4. DJ Durel produced tracks on the album
Official DJ and frequent collaborator of Migos as a recording engineer and producer (he produced several tracks on Culture II and has an executive producer credit), DJ Durel makes an appearance by producing at least one track heard at the beginning of the album with an identifying shoutout. The producer was also in attendance at the playback session, vibing with Takeoff as he went through all of the songs on the project.

5. Atlanta Producer Cassius Jay is a part of the project.
Towards the end of the album, Cassius Jay’s signature “that boy cass” blasted through the speakers signifying the producer’s inclusion in the album for at least one song. Having recently produced Cardi B’s “Drip” and being one of the most influential producers to come out of the South in the last few years cutting records with artists like Future, Jacquees, Young Dolph, Rich the Kid, Bankroll Fresh, Snootie Wild, Cool Amerika, and more, it’s no surprise the producer came through with a riveting addition to the project.

6. Standout record is a song for the ladies titled “Infatuation”
At the conclusion of the playback, someone in the audience mentioned a song to be played again that featured a singer going through an extremely catchy hook saying “I got to get close to you baby right now” before going into a verse and looping back to the hook before Takeoff’s first verse. The record is a standout with a retro ’80s/’90s feel painting the picture of hanging out at the skating rink with a crush or admiring someone far in the distance in between periods at grade school. Expect to hear more about the record upon the release of the album.

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Anonymous  (Jan 13, 2023) 
It ain't fair. He would've became the top rapper. Now we just have to remember him. He had a heart of joy and never had beef with anybody. He was shot in a Cross-Fire and that is not fair we have to lose another. It was DMX,Young Dolph,Pnb Rock, and now its Take off. REST IN POWER. Shoutout to Gucci Mane for his song. Letter to Takeoff.????. I will never forget you or your music. R.I.P
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EMAD  (Jan 05, 2023) 
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fakazaking  (Nov 07, 2022) 
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Sandill Sthole  (Nov 03, 2022) 
Rest in power ?️?
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Sandill Sthole  (Nov 03, 2022) 
To Take off??️
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mastermind  (Nov 01, 2022) 
oops men you have to watch on your level of parting not every person is your friend sorry for that
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Shortbae  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Rest in Peace ???
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Nikki  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Omg wow this right here just wow R.I.P TAKEOFF FLY HIGH MAN MY CONDOLENCES TO YOUR FAMILY THIS IS DISBELIEF WOW and his album drop tomorrow
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Michael Meyers  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Dam rip takeoff , was shot in the head , he wasn't even beefing w anyone , was shot in the crossing smh
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Kuda Chris  (Nov 01, 2022) 
WTF ???
Rest in peace
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Enoch Misomali  (Nov 01, 2022) 
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viduka Sirleaf  (Nov 01, 2022) 
why every month musical star been kill?
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So last month was who ???  (Nov 01, 2022) 
So last was who
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viduka Sirleaf  (Nov 01, 2022) 
who kill takeoff?
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Anonymous  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Still can believe you are gone bro
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Anonymous  (Nov 01, 2022) 
I can believe it too
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Nkosingiphile  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Rip niggar ? ? ☮
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Ki  (Nov 01, 2022) 
What the fuck
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Anonymous  (Nov 01, 2022) 
So broken
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Anonymous  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Fake news. His page on Wikipedia is still intact without any death update
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Marrow  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Go check Wikipedia again
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Anonymous  (Nov 01, 2022) 
Wikipedia is waiting for a more reliable source to confirm it first
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Coded  (Nov 01, 2022) 
I still can’t believe this news
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cj420  (Nov 01, 2022) 
this is from wikipedia

he subject of this article has been presumed dead. Some details, such as those pertaining to the circumstances of the presumed death and surrounding events, may change rapidly as more facts emerge. Initial reports may be unreliable.
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aNONYMOUS  (Nov 01, 2022) 
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Rock Hill  (Nov 01, 2022) 
He's dead nigga
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