Spotify & apple have both been crashing since the release of Kendrick Lamar album
Posted by badgeRaphael on 1

Rapper Kendrick Lamar announced the release date of his first album in five years, titled 'Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers' on April 18. The 34-year-old's fifth studio album, with 18 songs, was finally released on May 13, 2022. It is his first full-length album release since the 'Black Panther' soundtrack and his first solo studio album since 'Damn' in 2017. On May 8, Lamar released the single 'The Heart Part 5' along with its music video. Within an hour after the album released digitally on streaming services, it disappeared from Apple Music for unknown reasons. Others say songs from the album are either skipping automatically or missing. People are seemingly frustrated and wondering if and when they will be able to listen to the album. Users noticed this issue and called out the streaming platform for its poor service. One user posted a meme and tweeted, "People with Apple Music watching Spotify and Tidal users enjoying Kendrick Lamar's new album." Another said, "I think Kendrick Lamar crashed Apple Music... The whole server down, nothings working.. lmao." A third wrote, "Ready to quit @AppleMusic. Downloaded songs don't play on airplane mode on the plane. Kendrick Lamar won't play. Shuffler is a sentient being hell bent on making me paranoid." 

A fourth user commented, "Tell me why they yanked the Kendrick Lamar album off Apple Music while I was halfway through it [annoyed face emoji] @AppleMusic." A fifth quipped, "Kendrick Lamar really crashed Apple Music. That's GOAT shit." A sixth tweeted, "LMAO THE KENDRICK LAMAR ALBUM JUST DISAPPEARED OFF APPLE MUSIC LIKE THIS SHIT IS A JOKE."
While one user joked, "Kendrick Lamar album so fire it done cooked the Apple Music servers [x2 crying face emojis]," another said, "Me waiting on Apple Music to reupload the album #Apple #AppleMusic #KendrickLamar." A third wrote, "One minute I'm listening to the new Kendrick album... the next it's gone off Apple Music [x3 melting face emojis] #KendrickLamar."

A fourth user complained, "@AppleMusic you have lost a customer today. Arguably one of the most highly anticipated drops of the decade and Apple Music fails to show up. 1:30 and absolutely nothing.. Not even a message to apologize for the inconvenience or anything. This is Kendrick Lamar... do better." A fifth said, "Someone at apple music needs to be fired. How can a trillion-dollar technology company not properly handle a music service? #AppleMusic #MrMoraleAndTheBigSteppers #KendrickLamar."
Another user asked, "Wtf is @AppleMusic doing with the new Kendrick Lamar Album? When it was up it wasn't complete and now it's down since forever. @AppleMusic you planning on uploading or what?" The user added, "#KendrickLamar #Apple #AppleMusic ???? All other platforms have come thru when #AppleMusic failed. Deeply disappointed with #AppleMusic never thought I would. Gotta rethink about my music streaming platform. Maybe it’s time to move..."