[Music] BLACKPINK – Pink Venom
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BLACKPINK – Pink Venom

Award-winning Korean music sensational BLACKPINK just dropped a brand new music titled “Pink Venom”. Don't miss out, update your playlist with this jam below:-

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Sakshi  (Yesterday) 
Nice ilove blackpink because I am blink 😉🙂🥰😍🤩😘😗☺️😚😙😋😛😜🤑🖤💓
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Rofiat  (Nov 27) 
I am in love with this song❤️😩🥰
I love you black pink
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Preet  (Nov 27) 
I love Blackpink(Lisa and jisso
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Sasha  (Nov 28) 
Me too
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Alicia  (Nov 24) 
This is wow am speechless 😶💓❤️
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Hiru  (Nov 23) 
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Meili  (Nov 22) 
I love black pink
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A blink🖤💗  (Nov 12) 
Blinks forever😭🖤💗
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Karamjit kaur  (Nov 07) 
Blackpink in your area blackpink is my favourite and blackpink s first song boombaya
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BTS ALWAYS  (Nov 05) 
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Anonymous  (Nov 06) 
just spread love.not hate
if you like bts then its ok. but do not show hate for blackpink.
showing love is nice but spreading hate is not nice
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Anonymous  (Nov 08) 
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uwu person  (Nov 09) 
bts is good but blackpink is just as good as a person that supports bts u souldnt be spreading hate😤😤
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Anonymous  (Nov 18) 
@uwu person, army and blink forever
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Alicia  (Nov 24) 
Why did you come to a blackpink page you could have gone to a BTS page
To this ugly rat
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Baby girl🥰🥰🥰🥰  (6 days ago) 
If you hate Blackpink why are on the page for that matter shouldn't you be BTS why are spreading hate.If you are on this page that you like blackpink because if hate blackpink please never come on this page
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Arkar  (Nov 03) 
I like blackpink allsong🥰👄💋🥰😘🥰😘❤️❣️💕💓💗💞💖💘💝🖤❤️
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Anonymous  (Nov 02) 
BTS is black
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Anonymous  (3 days ago) 
Wahlanya wena black pink e hatle🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Osohlanya wena he motho
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Niharika  (Oct 26) 
i love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ this song🎶🎵🎼🎵🎶 very much😍😘
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Pink venom  (Oct 23) 
It's ma vavorite
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Nhyira  (Oct 22) 
It's ma favorite
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Anonymous  (Oct 15) 
I love this song 💜💜💜💜💜saranghe
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Khushi gill  (Oct 10) 
This song is fabulous...I'm in love with this song
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Niyati  (Oct 08) 
Very nice 👍
Best song
I love this song
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Mahi  (Oct 07) 
Nice song I love this song
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Anonymous  (Oct 07) 
nice i like this
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cooltiger123  (Oct 05) 
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Princes Mary magsayo  (Sep 20) 
I love this music😘
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amina  (Oct 07) 
me to
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amina  (Oct 07) 
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Anonymous  (Sep 09) 
Amazing beats
Love it
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Anonymous  (Sep 18) 
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Blink  (Sep 09) 
Love this song. Amazing 💗🖤
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Anonymous  (Sep 19) 
Oh ☺️ really
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Victoria  (Sep 06) 
It was dope
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Hesti  (Sep 05) 
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Perpetual  (Sep 03) 
Love it
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Blacpi  (Sep 02) 
2 like
Diya  (Sep 01) 
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Hczzyaaa  (Sep 01) 
4 Queen
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Jyothirmayee  (Aug 28) 
6 like
Srishti Panwar  (Aug 27) 
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Khushi  (Aug 26) 
Blackpink's I love you I like lalisa rosé Jennie jisoo
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ha  (Aug 24) 
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Aysel  (Aug 24) 
Black pink
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Mark  (Aug 24) 
Awesome I like it....
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Paola  (Aug 23) 
Me encantó lo ame todo los vestuarios de cada una de ella todo una mezcla de emociones me encanta todo la música sin duda son las mejores y siempre lo serán blickn por siempre
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T/N tene uWu  (Aug 22) 
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كرستينا  (Aug 22) 
Hi I'm blink And I love blackpink so much
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priyanka Naidoo 💟  (Sep 28) 
💞 love blackpink
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Khushiii  (Aug 22) 
Dammm goodddd!!!!!!!!!
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Brenda  (Aug 22) 
That is amaziiiiiing❤️
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Jhonny handoko  (Aug 21) 
Amazing BlackPink
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Anonymous  (Aug 21) 
Jennie and Lisa rap for me 🥺🥺😍🔥
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asda  (Aug 21) 
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sadsa  (Aug 21) 
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아나  (Aug 21) 
Ok I'll just admit that they don't wanna give anything major in song parts to jisso.
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아나  (Aug 21) 
Amazing song though
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Ipshita tyagi  (Aug 21) 
I like Jennie rap
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Zabelle  (Aug 21) 
Really Luv, this poisonuos comeback!!!
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Muskan  (Aug 21) 
I love song Jennie rap pink venom
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Camila  (Aug 21) 
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Julio  (Aug 19) 
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