Kid Tini – Movie

Download Kid Tini – Movie Mp4

Ambitiouz Continues their video spree, as they dishes out the official Music Video to Kid Tini most recent single, “Movie” which dropped 2 days go.

Watch below and Download audio here


“I heard a little birds chirp allotta shit/but fuck a wanna be Toronto counterfeit/ you know, I know, you ain’t really bout this shit/ Dead beat dad how I son em for the fuck of it/

Fill my cup up till the brim, fuck an optimist/ I’m a different cloth yol synonymous/

I’m the starter, the famo move like the carters/call em da bigger artist/ I call em the bigger target /

Till they call it or forfeit, I’ll watch em fall like it’s autumn/discussing Cheques with ya bosses/ I smoke and ash on ya corpses/

We not the same we sell to the same buyer/niggas will get son’d if you pin em against ssiah/ —writtens is straight fire/you spitting bout rates, meanwhile ya honey paid her dues and I’m who she rates higher/ I used to fuck with the shit that you made prior/but now you taking shots and you missing so aim higher/ I’m on my ether swag—youngin chill I been a man/ so make em DANCE AGAIN —and I could help I heard you need a hand/

That might take a minute—make you meet ya maker widdit/ careful with my sleeve I keep an ace in it/

This groupie undercover made his bed now lay in it/I just got a bag to body bag em like I’m hatian/im the greatest—no debating it/

You niggas out of ideas/ yeah I heard ya new shit, it sound like death to my ears /cuz when it comes to this rapping yol were never my peers/

I might go to west view and make her come from the rear/fuck around and go to pheli just to show you it’s real/

Cuz it’s all fun and games till we run up your block/mad cuz I fucked yo bitch way before I was hot?/

They told me to stop, ya homies call it dope when iss not/ they calling you pop, you phoney they just all in ya cock/Pretoria’s what? I bet I’ll make that podium rock, nigga/“