10 Legendary Korean Hip Hop Tracks
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Discover the fascinating history of Korean Hip-hop, which dates back to the late 1980s, when the first rap song 'Kim-Sat-Gat' was released. Pioneer artists, such as Epik High and Drunken Tiger, played a pivotal role in the genre's evolution. Fast-forward to 2023, and K-Hip Hop artists continue to deliver exceptional music through innovative collaborations, powerful lyrics, and musical experimentation, all paving the way for the future of the genre. Join the exciting evolution of Korean Hip-hop today.

#1 Acrobat – Gwangil Jo

Discover the exceptional track, Acrobat - a Korean rapper song that captures the music industry from an outsider's perspective. Gwangil Jo, a relatively new rapper, delivers a powerful message of authenticity and self-expression without compromising on the quality of his lyrics. Despite his lyrics' ability to rap at a rapid pace, Jo's provide a hard-hitting reflection of his true self and are set to an intense old-school beat. Find out why Jo's refusal to settle for lesser lyrics seals the deal on his status as a Chopper.

#2 Extreme – Zico 

Experience Zico's authentic and unfiltered self in this stunning portrayal of his identity as an artist and human being. With skillfully crafted lyrics, he courageously embraces all aspects of himself, including those often judged by others.

#3 Everything – Way Ched 

Ambition Music's renowned producer, Way Ched, skillfully blends the unique styles of four talented artists into one captivating track, all while preserving their individual musical identities. Each artist offers their perspective on love, giving a fresh take on this universally explored topic. The standout feature of the track is BIBI's soulful R&B verse, adding a depth that sets it apart from the male artists' verses. Experience the seamless flow and distinctive voices of these exceptional musicians.

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#4 Metronome - Jay Park, Simon Dominic, GRAY

Jay Park, who used to lead a popular K-pop boy group, was removed from the group in 2009 after a scandal involving Myspace messages. After leaving the group, the Korean-American artist co-founded his record label and reinvented himself as a successful rapper and CEO. Learn more about Jay Park's journey from a fallen idol to a rising entrepreneur.


I don’t know about you, but this jam always has me going “DDAENG!” with every listen. BTS’s rap line has a distinct style separately, but together they serve us harmony on a plate with a dash of wordplay. Such is the case for “DDAENG,” which humbles anyone who ever second-guesses BTS’s talent or success.

#6 Okey Dokey - Zico and Mino

Discover how Zico mentored Mino on Show Me The Money 4, leading to the creation of a beat that cannot be overlooked. Despite coming in second place on the show, Mino is widely recognized as one of the top K-pop group rappers.


Discover the ingenious sounds of CODE KUNST, a leading producer renowned for his mastery in combining voice and instrumentals. His latest album 'People' is a star-studded masterpiece featuring 19 supremely talented artists, including heavyweight K-Hiphop rappers C JAMM and Simon Dominic on track 8 titled 'JOKE!'. Prepare to be swept away by Simon's razor-sharp rap and C JAMM's captivating verses, impeccably blended together by CODE KUNST's magical touch. In the music video, the producer plays the bartender, further alluding to his wizardry in crafting sonic elixirs.

#8 Bleed - Epik High

If you're a regular reader of Soompi, you've probably noticed that I always feature Epik High in my rap articles. The reason is simple - their music really resonates with me. I specifically want to highlight their track "Bleed" which tells the story of their musical journey through the past and present, backed by DJ Tukutz's soulful instrumentals. This track embodies the essence of Epik High's career, its relationship with fans, and its unwavering commitment to staying relevant in the hip-hop scene. It's a timeless piece of music that truly captures the heart and soul of the group.

#9 PACKITUP! – pH-1

In his song 'PACKITUP!', pH-1 expresses his frustration with the declining music standards and the insincere artists that reap the benefits of this shallow industry. He calls out the critics for their empty-headed hateful comments and urges them to pack it up. pH-1 shares his own journey from rapping in New York to South Korea, and encourages listeners to seek out real music instead of solely focusing on chart-topping hits. 'PACKITUP!' not only delivers a great track but also sends a powerful message to the music industry.


Changmo's “Swoosh Flow” is a tribute to Drill music, a subgenre of Hip-hop that originated in the 2010s and has exploded in popularity worldwide. The lyrics and beats are intense, and the music video has a dark UK Drill-inspired setting, reflecting the style of Drill and Grime Music. The track is about Changmo's rise from an underground rapper in D-town to a star on Ambition Musik.

The song also references Nike and its iconic Swoosh sign and features over 20 cameo appearances from famous artists, such as Munchman, Kim Hyo Eun, and ZENE THE ZILLA. This makes it one of the most star-studded Korean music videos ever made.


From Jay Park's inspiring comeback story to BTS and Epik High's impactful music, there is no denying the talent of the top K-Hip Hop artists. Each of these rappers has a unique style and energy that resonates with audiences all around the world. We hope this article has made it easier for you to delve into the Korean hip-hop.