History you need to know about amapiano
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Amapiano is a music genre that originated in South Africa and has since become one of the most popular genres in the country. The genre is a unique blend of deep house, jazz, kwaito, and other music styles that have been popular in the country for many years. Amapiano is characterized by its distinctive use of pianos, keyboard synthesizers, and other electronic instruments that create a unique sound that has captured the attention of music lovers worldwide.

Amapiano emerged in the townships of Gauteng province in South Africa, particularly in Pretoria and Johannesburg, around 2012. The genre initially gained popularity in the clubs and parties of South Africa, where it quickly became a staple of the local music scene. Amapiano's rise in popularity is due in part to its accessibility. The genre is easy to produce and mix, which has made it attractive to many aspiring artists.

The name Amapiano comes from the Zulu word "amapiano," which means "the pianos." This is because the genre is characterized by its use of pianos and other electronic instruments that create a unique sound that sets it apart from other music genres. The genre has since evolved to include other musical instruments and sounds, but the piano remains a vital component of Amapiano's sound.

The early pioneers of Amapiano include Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa, and Vigro Deep, among others. These artists helped to popularize the genre by releasing numerous hit tracks and albums that showcased the unique sound of Amapiano. They also collaborated with other South African artists and producers to create new sounds and styles that helped to expand the genre's popularity.

Amapiano's success has led to the emergence of various sub-genres, including piano-house, amapiano gospel, and amapiano-pop. These sub-genres have allowed artists to experiment with the genre's sound and create new music styles that appeal to a broader audience.

Today, Amapiano is one of the most popular music genres in South Africa, with a vibrant community of artists and fans. The genre has also gained international recognition, with many artists from other countries incorporating Amapiano's sound into their music. Amapiano has become an essential part of South African culture, and its influence on the music industry is set to continue to grow in the coming years.