How is Today’s Hip Hop Culture Relevant to Online Casino Games?
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Self-expression is what hip-hop is all about. This genre that originated in the States is associated with activities such as deejaying (also referred to as turntabling) rapping (or MCing), graffiti, also known as graf, and breakdancing, otherwise known as b-boying. While this might be no news to you, we bet you don’t know half of these 16 cool rap facts.
But what does hip-hop have to do with gambling, anyway? We can tell you: the two are close relatives! Let’s break it down for you. (Ha! Pun intended!)
Hip Hop Music Sets The Right Tone The great beats and unmistakable baseline this music genre is known to make for a great addition to online slots. The sense of excitement players experience creates the ideal setting particularly when signing up to no deposit bonuses that amount to $400 …or in some cases, even more than that! Apart from the fact that it provides players with that needed oomph, many game soundtracks gravitate to the hip-hop genre due to the style’s popularity, especially among younger gamers, but even among the not-so-young ones, given that hip-hop has been riding the radio airwaves for almost half a century now. It Sets The Mood Too

Just like a certain vibe is created in a brick-and-mortar casino, this can also be applicable to its online counterpart. Developers have witnessed that background music in casinos does make a positive difference and so they employ the same tried-and-tested formula in the online interface to encourage players to play further and risk more.

Hip-Hop Artists Love To Gamble

For these artists, gambling does not stop at rolling dollars, but it’s also about strengthening camaraderie, celebrating their successes and enjoying the perks of their wealth.

Some of them even participate in high-stakes gambling sessions to express how integral gambling is to their lifestyles. Take Drake, for instance, who, since March of last year, has been participating in live-streamed sessions, dubbed ‘Drake vs Stake’. During these sessions the Toronto native would showcase his gambling activities, wins, losses and all, while handing out heaps of cash to his audience in Bitcoin packages, worth $75,000. Many times, the crypto awards in just a single event would be worth $1,000,000!

For hip-hop artists, the experience of gambling is also a source of inspiration for their songs, as seen in many song lyrics that make references to gambling. More about this in the final section below.

Casinos And Hip Hop Artists Feed Each Other

Many land-based casinos hire hip-hop artists to perform on-site or sponsor music videos. On the other hand, artists themselves also seek to contribute to casinos’ success. Their participation in live sessions, as mentioned in the previous point, is one way in which they do so. Another way in which these artists collaborate with casinos is by funding operators or buying shares in game development companies. Musicians like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty are a few artists who have invested heavily in the industry. References To Gambling In Many Hip Hop Song Lyrics “We don’t play around, it’s a bet, lay it down”, goes the song of The Notorious B.I.G Mo Money Mo Problems. Throughout the song he discusses the downsides of being wealthy, namely the danger of becoming too greedy or having others trying to put you down. On the other hand, hip-hop singer Ice Cube makes a more direct reference to gambling in his song It Was A Good Day. He refers specifically to craps and the thrill of the game, when he sings: "What's the 'haps on the craps? Shake 'em up, shake 'em up, shake 'em up, shake 'em! Roll 'em in a circle of niggas, and watch me break 'em. Wit' tha seven, seven-eleven, seven-eleven". Vegas by Kendrick Lamar also refers to gambling as he compares the thrill of the game with the way he feels about a woman. He professes that “if gambling’s a sin, then I’m rollin’ dice with Lucifer to make sure I ain’t losin’ you”. And just to emphasize how far he’s ready to go, he sings: “doin’ blackjack, twenty-one, twenty thousand in it, probably twenty more before I’m done”. We hope we got you singing to these amazing tunes! By now you should have a better idea of the ways in which the hip-hop genre and hip hop artists are related to the casino industry and its operators.

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