Nota Baloyi ordered to pay R200k to Shimza
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Shimza wins case against Nota Baloyi as the Johannesburg High Court ordered the socialite to pay R200 000 to the DJ

Nota is a famous critic known for taunting other celebrities with defamatory comments on different social media platforms, and the DJ wasn’t exempted.

“The defendant is ordered to pay damages to the plaintiff in the amount of R200 000 … The defendant shall pay interest on the sum of R200 000 at the mora rate from the date of the judgment to the date of payment,” reads the ruling on Friday.

The DJ opened a case against Nota in 2021 after the critic claimed Shimza benefits from the government due to personal relationships with government officials.

“Fix your corruption … Tembisa is a shit hole, and you can’t even call out the local government for the lack of service delivery because you benefit while our family members in Tembisa live in squalor,” he tweeted.

“Khusela Diko was fired for allowing her husband to win PPE tenders and he later died from Covid-19. Athi’s toy boy will cost her,” he added.

However, following the judgement, Shimza is yet to speak out about it.

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