10 Essential Hip-Hop Apps for Rap and Music Enthusiasts
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Want to improve your rap skills? Try mobile rapping apps! With beat options, song suggestions, and exposure to the music industry, these apps make it easy to refine your talents. But with so many apps to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, we've done the work for you and found the top multi-functional apps for hip-hop enthusiasts. Let's start your rap journey today.

#1 Jukely

Discover local concerts with Jukely - the social app that connects you with others who love the same music as you. Easily filter by genre to find the concerts you're interested in. Plus, earn rewards points by buying tickets through the app, which can be redeemed for free or discounted tickets later on. While Jukely is currently only available in 10 cities, including Austin, Chicago, and New York, stay tuned for future expansion. Don't miss out on the ultimate concert experience!

#2 Tunable

Attention music lovers! Looking to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than Tunable - the innovative app that makes playing a variety of instruments a breeze. With its accurate visual metronome, you can record performances with precision and keep a steady tempo. Featuring over 18 tuning temperaments, vertical and horizontal tuning displays, and a colorful tuning indicator, Tunable has everything you need to perfect your craft. Explore the built-in code and tone generator for endless options. Say goodbye to mediocre music and hello to Tunable!

#3 Genius

To truly become a respected OG in the rap game, it's essential to have a deep understanding and appreciation for hip-hop culture and its history. This knowledge sets veterans apart from new-school rappers who may lack the street cred that comes with being well-versed in the roots and language of the genre. Unfortunately, many up-and-coming MCs don't prioritize this crucial aspect of their craft.

When looking for the perfect beats for the latest hip-hop songs, you should always keep your phone's resources in mind. After installing the Genius application, the message "Clean up more memory on your device" may appear and this is a sure sign of a memory shortage. What can be done? The easiest way to boost your phone is to use a dedicated app. You can download here the perfect memory-freeing tool. It does a smart cleaning of your phone, deleting only what you don't need without touching your personal data. You don't have to dig through tons of files to free up space. The application will help you do this as simply and quickly as possible.

#4 Whosampled?

Discovering the source of a sample in a new song can be frustrating. Fortunately, the "Who Sampled?" app can help. With just a search by artist or track name, you can find the samples used and even discover new ones. While the app requires payment, it's ad-free and portable. We recommend trying the web version first to determine if the mobile version is worth the investment.

#5 Drum Pad Machine

Are you a fan of hip-hop beats and own an iOS device? Look no further than "Drum Pad Machine". This app offers a plethora of tools to experiment with, including high-quality audio samples and a drum and piano feature for creating stunning sound designs.

#6 Autorap

Transform your words into professional-grade music with Autorap. This essential app, available for free on both iOS and Android, offers over 100 unique beats from top artists to make rapping a breeze. What makes Autorap stand out is its speech-into-rap feature, letting you incorporate your own voice to create original hip-hop skits or remixes. Whether you're looking to battle other rappers or simply have fun with friends, Autorap is the perfect tool to add value to your singles or albums. Download Autorap today and take your rap game to the next level.

#7 BeatMaker 2

Discover your inner musician with BeatMaker 2 - the top music production app suitable for all skill levels. Its user-friendly interface enables you to design various instruments and blend them to form unique audio effects. Effortlessly share your creations, import personalized sounds, and link with MIDI equipment and iPad audio interfaces for improved performance and sound clarity. Using BeatMaker 2, you can develop outstanding tracks that will amaze your audience. Begin your music journey now.

#8 SongMemo

As an artist, song ideas can strike at any time. But when you're busy or caught off guard, it's easy to forget them. That's where the SongMemo app comes in - it helps you capture those mega-song ideas before they slip away. Never miss a hit again with SongMemo.

#9 Rap to Beats

Create the ultimate rap tracks with ease using this app! You can play any song from any app, lay down some fresh rhymes, and create your own fire tracks. Showcase your skills to the world by posting your tracks on multiple websites and let your superior rapping skills be acknowledged by millions!

#10 Hip-Hop producer pads

Want to make killer hip-hop beats on the go? Look no further than the Hip-Hop Producer Pads app. This powerful virtual drum machine and sampler offer complete control over your tones and beats, with a variety of One-Shots, Loops, and Samples to choose from. Plus, the built-in Metronome guarantees perfect rhythm every time. When it's time to share your music, posting to social media is a breeze. Create quality hip-hop tracks anytime, anywhere with the Hip-Hop Producer Pads app.


Ready to bring your musical ideas to life? Look no further than our selection of top-notch music apps, perfect for beginners and pros alike. With our cutting-edge technology, you can take your music creation to a whole new level. Start crafting those chart-topping tracks today – don't miss out on this chance to unleash your musical talent!